About Us

A Brief History:

Cudner & O'Connor Co. made its debut in the industrial coatings market in July of 1935, founded by H.E. Cudner and Thomas O'Connor, both previously employed by the James B. Day Company, a Chicago based manufacturer of varnishes, shellacs and lacquer coatings for the furniture industry.

While Cudner & O'Connor began with the production of furniture coatings, they were aware of the growing interest in "silk screen" printable paints, now known as inks, and in particular, inks designed for the process of decalcomania, what we know today as water-slide decals. After some inquiry into the desired qualities that a silk-screenable ink for decals should possess - for printing, drying, and application dynamics - the partners considered and succeeded at a reformulation of the Company's furniture lacquer to meet the quality demands of the silk-screen printer.

Today, Cudner & O'Connor manufactures over twenty-five discrete ink and coating chemistries to ably satisfy the requirements of the modern screen printer, both commercial and in-house, catering specifically to the automotive, appliance and point-of-purchase industries, nameplate, badging, architectural & decorative glass, as well as many other coatings applications. Cudner & O'Connor offers in-house services such as color matching, custom ink modification, ink/substrate suitability testing, along with comprehensive technical support and service.

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