December 4, 2019:

Changed background picture on main page and added 85th Anniversary copy.

September 12, 2019:

Changed background picture for Technical Data Sheets page.

July 25, 2019:

Now accepting payment through PayPal. Contact us for specific information.

July 23, 2019:

Corrected version of PE Technical Data Sheet put into PDF button.

July 17, 2019:

New background picture added to "Meet the President".

Some interactive buttons added.

July 16, 2019:

Added Candoc logo to various pages.

Added new video to "What's New" page.

July 15, 2019:

Changed the picture of the President (and friend).


July 11, 2019:

Added "A Brief History" to the "About Us" page.

July 10, 2019:

PDF availability enabled for Technical Data Sheets.

New section for PDFs of SDS made available.

July, 2019:

New homepage video added.


June, 2019:

New website created.

Technical Data Sheets updated, new pictures and videos uploaded. 

February 4, 2020:

Added sapphire and diamond images to Home Page.

August 12, 2020:

Changed background picture for "Request Information" page.

July 20, 2020:

Changed background picture for SDS page.

June 4, 2020:

We have been back from quarantine

as of May 18, 2020. 

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